Arinc Tekstil; In all his cloth quality, durability,
combines a variety of colors and the highest standards.

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Arınç Textile

ARINÇ Textile was established in 2003. Particularly with advanced and modern facilities drapery, drapery and fabric weaving industry for all kinds of decorations, including tulle serve our valued customers.

Since 2014, the newly established factory in Kestel Organized Industrial Zone in 15,000 m2, 20,000 m2 in area, has been operating.

ARINÇ Textile is one of the experienced textile manufacturers; experience, advanced technology used in all activities and produce educated young dynamic team with 3 million meters of fabric per year. Plans to integrate all operations under one roof ARINÇ Textile, keeping one step ahead of the competition always timely, high quality, reliable, and is known for its superior service quality.

R & D equipped with the latest technology, design departments are available. Following the ever-changing world trends in the use of computer-aided manufacturing system quality, diversity of patterns and color combinations are created. Valued at competitive prices to all customers and can offer a wide range of quality evaluation in as soon as the customer requests by trained and professional staff is one of the reasons to prefer ARINÇ Textile.

Ever, the best of its potential by providing more competitive and constantly adapt to a changing market, flexibility and ARINÇ Textile products which are in a dynamic system that increases production, and is being sold in the domestic market and are exported to the international market, covering many countries around the world.

In addition to making the highest quality curtains and drapes well as the production of an innovative approach has been adopted as the working philosophy of our company is to provide the highest quality of service. ARINÇ Textile today investing in people with strong roots, has been a great family that contribute to environmentally sound and economy. ARINÇ Textile walking confidently to the future, expertise and experience with young and dynamic team, being the brand leader in the field of curtains and drapes and survives to move to the future of the corporate identity ...

Corporate Strategy

TEXTILE ARINÇ new investments at home and abroad extensive client base, quality-oriented production concept and to play a leading role in the curtain in the textile sector to customer value.

"Our most important value is our brand."

Our policy on technology, industry, our employees, the quality of the company and the services we provide to invest in our customer chain continuous, innovative, progressive, collaborative, analytical approach is to perform.


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Arınç Tekstil

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